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About Us

We believe that travel is an integral part of people's daily lives. We also recognize that many travelers are unable to reach their desired destinations due to price and transportation constraints. Therefore, we are dedicated to improving the development of Taiwan's tourism and transportation systems. We aim to empower every traveler to freely explore every corner of Taiwan and create more possibilities for tourism and transportation.

In 2018, we founded tripool.

Travelers can enjoy the convenience of direct shuttle buses to various secret places, live in small wooden houses in the forest, villas in the fields, mountain villas by the lake, and buildings in the old streets. Immerse yourself in the pace of life of the locals.

Now you can taste the authentic Taiwan cuisine at old towns, hike in off-the-beaten-path forests, or stay in a beautiful b&b at the beach, just like a local.

Vehicles & Drivers


Tripool will arrange a suitable and clean vehicle, only for you. We guarantee all the drivers are well selected, with license, and friendly.

Our Vision

To create a balanced travel environment that is comfortable, affordable, and friendly.

Using algorithms to reduce the empty car rate on the road can not only reduce the number of empty return trips and empty detours, but also reduce air pollution and resource waste problems. It can also return the extra charge for long-distance return empty trips to passengers.

our vision

Empowering drivers in remote areas.

our vision

Passengers can rest assured to take our cars and plan any inter-county journey

our vision

Boosting the tourism economy across Taiwan.

Our Goals

As the popularity of networked autonomous vehicles grows, we believe this service will become even more meaningful in the coming years, both from a rental car perspective and from the perspective of occupying urban street space.

Fleet reduction can save a lot of resources and reduce air pollution. If urban transportation in the future is fully autonomous, the algorithm we developed is expected to reduce the number of vehicles by more than 50%!

Thank you for joining us in being environmentally friendly and experiencing this important moment together.

our goals

Wherever you go, we're happy to be there.