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What is Tripool?

Is Tripool a carpooling service?

Is the service legalized?

Can I take my pet along on Tripool?

Does Tripool operates during midnight?


What are the payment mode?

Can a passenger request a receipt or put a company's tax ID on it?

How to make the payment if I choose AFTEE when I'm already abroad?

Edit & cancel

How to cancel a tripool reservation? Is there any cancelation fee?

Can I cancel or change the pick-up time should I be absence during the arranged booking time?

Can I change the order after booking is done?

Will my booking be cancelled?


How long in advance can I book a service?

Can I have multiple pickup/drop-off stops?

How can I be sure that my booking is confirmed?

What if I can't input my desired location?

What is the luggage allowance?

What if I have oversized items, extra luggage, or I need moving service?

What does the final booking price includes?

How do I book for more than 8 pax?

Travel with kids

Are child (infant/ baby/ toddler) considered as one pax?

Will there be car seats provided if I am travelling with a baby and toddler?

Can a child sit in the front seat?

Meet the driver

Will the driver wait for me if I am late?

What if the driver is late or I can't find my driver?

How do I contact the driver?

Can I request for a pit-stop or change my location in midst of point-to-point service?

Airport transfer

How do I book an airport transfer service?

How to estimate my pickup time? What is the free waiting time?

What should I do if my flight is delayed or arrives early?


When can drivers decline passengers?

Where can I contact Tripool's online service?

How different is Tripool as compared to other transport services?
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