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Luodong Station to Taipingshan - Taxi & Private Car

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Distance20 kmTravel time35 mins

fare estimation

TWD 2100TWD 1530

Luodong Station → Taipingshan - Taxi & Private Car

Tripool is a private car service around Taiwan. Don't waste your precious holiday on public transit. Whether you need a private day tour or a van to go hiking/camping, we guarantee a reliable private car service with the lowest price with daily cleaning and disinfection for vehicles. You can also pay a little extra to request a baby/child car seat. Our drivers are highly recommended by locals and foreign tourists. The easiest way from Luodong Station to Taipingshan is taking Tripool. You don't have to worry about how and when to transit from high-speed rail, trains, MRTs, to buses. Compared to public transportations, Tripool saves travelers 30~70% of travel time. Whether you are here in Taiwan for work or tourism, Tripool can take you from anywhere to everywhere. Please make a reservation in advance online, and we guarantee there will be a good condition vehicle waiting for on schedule.

Taipingshan private Transfer FAQs

  • There is no HSR along this route. If you choose to hail a yellow cab on the street, the taxi fare is between NT$600 to 2100. Taking a taxi charged by meters may be cheaper, but there is a risk that no taxi is available at the moment. Pre-booking a legal private car like Tripool may be a better choice.
  • Tripool provides 24 hours private car and long-distance taxi service. It's convenient and reliable for hiking. Unlike other charter service providers, which only allow round-trip booking, Tripool can be reserved separately. This is important for a multiday trip or a trip entered from point A but out from point B. Most of all, passengers don't have to pay the driver's accommodation and meals fees. Due to rapidly-changing weather and other uncertainty, it's not easy to predict the exact pick-up time after the hiking. We recommend choosing the "hourly ride" option. Hiring our driver, which is charged hourly, is more flexible, and it makes sure that you don't have to wait for our driver or our driver doesn't have to wait for you. For cost-efficient, you are welcome to choose the "point-to-point" option when heading up the trail entrance.
  • Tripool will send a receipt through the third-party system one week after the ride. If passengers need to claim reimbursement for travel expenses, there is a blank to fill with the company's title and tax ID. It's legal, and there is no extra 5% for the receipt. Once the receipt is received via email, it can be printed out for reimbursement or saved as a PDF.
  • There are many gypsy cabs or illegal taxis in Line and Facebook groups. Their fares are cheap but with many risks. If the cabs are pulled over by polices, passengers cannot continue the trip. If there is an accident, none of the insurance companies will settle a claim. Worst of all, illegal drivers may conduct crimes without any trace. Don't put your life at risk for just saving a few bucks. On the other hand, Tripool contracts with legal drivers without any criminal record. All vehicles provide up to $5 million in insurance. The easiest way to distinguish a legal vehicle is the car plate number. Unless the initial character of the car plate number is either T or R, the car is 100% illegal for taxi service.
  • For regular long-distance travelers, they find Tripool's price may be too low to be good. On the contrary, Tripool has a high standard for selecting drivers and vehicles. Besides dropping drivers who are low rated, we also send mystery shoppers regularly to test drivers' service. Tripool's drivers are not allowed to smoke in the cars, and they have to wear masks all the time during the pandemic. We don't compromise our service for a low cost. Tripool can provide excellent service with 70~80% of the market price because of AI algorithms. We use these to dispatch vehicles to increase efficiency. Tripool can use fewer drivers to serve more travelers, especially in high seasons like Chinese New Year, Christmas, and summer vacation. Fewer drivers mean better quality control. The price on Tripool's website and app are dynamic. Generally, the earlier a ride is booked, the lower price it is. Most of all, all booking are 100% refundable as long as the cancelation request is made one day before noon, no matter what the reason is. If you are preparing to go from Luodong Station to Taipingshan, it's better to reserve it now to secure the best price.
  • Every order can only reserve one car, and it is easier for passengers to make any change or cancelation. Please make two separate bookings on the website or the app if passengers need a round trip. There is no particular promotion about a round trip for now, but it's welcome to use any coupon for each ride.
  • Passengers can request additional stops for a ride from Luodong Station to Taipingshan. Every 5 km of additional distance for a stop charges NT$200, whether it is along the way or not. It's necessary for the driver's extra time.
  • Most mountains and trails near cities, such as Yangmingshan in Taipei, Matcha Mountain in Yilan, and Fire Mountain in Miaoli, have detailed information on Google Maps. When passengers make reservations on Tripool's website or app, the trail entrances and the parking lots can be chosen as pick-up or drop-off locations. But for some long-distance trails or remote mountain areas, there are specific locations suitable for cars' accessibility. Below are some examples. Pick Shangdongpu Parking for Jade Mountain (aka Yushan), Xueshan Trailhead Service Station for Snow Mountain (aka Xueshan), Wuling Lodge for Wuling Quadruple hiking trails, Jiujiu Lodge for Dabajian Mountain, and Songsyue Lodge for Hehuanshan. For trails and mountains not listed here, you are welcome to check with our online service staff for assistance.

Tripool FAQs

  • The competitive advantage of tripool is the high efficiency of car dispatch. The secret sauce that tripool can offer excellent service but 20~30% less than the market price is AI algorithms. Longer distance driven with passengers means tripool can use fewer vehicles on the road but serve more passengers simultaneously, especially during holidays like Chinese New Year, Moon Festival, and Double Ten Day. In other words, tripool is less likely to pass orders to unfamiliar drivers or request other car companies' help during peak seasons. Better quality control leads to more happy return customers, and it can enhance the efficiency of AI algorithms and create a positive feedback loop.

    The taxi fares listed on tripool's website and app are dynamic. Generally, the earlier you book, the better price you will get. We guarantee a full refund for any cancellation requested at least two days in advance. If you are planning to travel from Luodong Station to Taipingshan, you are welcome to make a reservation right now to catch the best deal.

  • Tripool provides full-day service, from 1 AM to 11:30 PM.
  • Sure. Taking your small pet along on Tripool's pet-friendly car is welcome. But there are a few conditions. Please keep your pet in a carrier all time during a ride and keep clean for the next passengers.
  • Tripool provides transport services from Point A- Point B.It specially designed for travel purposes, and allows passengers to have the best deal. Beats public transportation timing or even fares, and passengers will not need to worry about lugging heavy luggages around. A much flexible option as compared to public transportations due to the various restrictions.

Besides from Luodong Station to Taipingshan , there are other popular routes, such as…

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Our goal

Comfortable, affordable, and sustainable

We believe travel is a part of our daily life. Sadly, some travelers cannot go where they desire to due to transportation and budget concerns. So Tripool dedicates ourselves to software development and uses technology to improve Taiwan's travel environment. We achieved:

  • By AI algorithms, we enhance the efficiency of vehicle dispatching and increase the distance driven with passengers.
  • Passengers don't have to bear the driver's return trip cost.
  • Fewer private cars are on the road, but more travelers can have a hassle-free traveling experience.

We understand it's difficult for foreign tourists to find a reliable taxi and an English-speaking driver for long-distance traveling, especially during the post-COVID-19. Uber may take me to scenic areas but cannot take me back to a city. Renting a car with a driver for a full day is expensive. What if passengers only need a few hours? Tripool is your best travel buddy, providing point-to-point transportation service to anywhere in Taiwan with a price of 20~40% off by using route optimization algorithms.

Trusted by industry leaders

  • ViewSonic, located in New Taipei, had booked several private cars with tripool, including a ride from Zhonghe District, New Taipei to Luzhu District, Taoyuan, rated 4.4.
  • TSMC, located in Hsinchu County, had booked several private cars with tripool, including a ride from Xindian District, New Taipei to Gukeng Township, Yunlin, rated 4.8.
  • OPPO, located in Taipei, had booked several private cars with tripool, including a ride from Nangang District, Taipei to Daxi District, Taoyuan, rated 4.5.
  • ASML, located in Hsinchu City, had booked several private cars with tripool, including a ride from Xinzhuang District, New Taipei to Zhunan Township, Miaoli, rated 4.5.
  • COSMED, located in Taipei, had booked several private cars with tripool, including a ride from Neihu District, Taipei to Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung, rated 5.0.
  • NTU, located in Taipei, had booked several private cars with tripool, including a ride from HSR Chiayi Station to Daan District, Taipei, rated 4.9.
  • Tripool is a partner of TripAdvisor to provide its travelers private car service.
  • EVA AIR, located in Taoyuan, had booked several private cars with tripool, including a ride from Gushan District, Kaohsiung to Taoyuan Airport, rated 4.4.
  • Tripool is a partner of China Airlines to provide its travelers private car service.
  • Volvo, located in Taipei, had booked several private cars with tripool, including a ride from Yuchi Township, Nantou to HSR Taichung Station, rated 4.9.

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Distance20 kmTravel time35 mins

fare estimation

TWD 2100TWD 1530