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Airport Pickup Service: Reservation, Meeting the Driver, Flight Delays?

No matter if you are returning to your home country or visiting Taiwan, it can be quite inconvenient to transfer to public transportation with your luggage upon arrival in Taiwan. Why not alleviate the fatigue of your journey and book an affordable airport transfer service?

With Tripool, a professional airport transfer service, available 24/7, you can easily reach your hotel or doorstep. Just complete the reservation, and a car will be guaranteed!

Today, let me teach you how to book a Tripool Taoyuan Airport transfer service in just three minutes, hassle-free.

Step 1: Go to the tripool official website and enter the pickup and drop-off locations, then click "Check Real Price."

Step 2: Enter the number of passengers and luggage to see the suitable vehicle options. After selecting a vehicle, you will immediately see the quotation. Then click "Select Date & Time."

Step 3: After entering the date and time, choose the "Meeting Point" (Terminal 1 or Terminal 2), and click "Final Step: Data Confirmation."

Note: The suggested time here is one hour after your scheduled flight arrival to ensure enough time for immigration and baggage claim. This is only a recommendation from the tripool team, and you can choose your desired pickup time at your own risk!

Step 4: Fill in passenger information, flight information, child seat requirements, and payment information. Then you're done!

If you are booking an arrival pickup service, please make sure to provide your flight information for the driver to track your flight status. For parents who require child seats, you can also arrange it on this page. Please be reminded that according to Taiwan's Road Traffic Safety Law, children under 4 years old must use a child seat. Otherwise, the driver has the right to refuse service and cannot proceed with the trip! The rental fee for a child seat is NT$300, payable in cash to the driver on-site.

After selecting the payment method, click "Complete Reservation." Once you receive the order confirmation email, it means your reservation is successful! Isn't it super convenient and fast?

How to contact the driver?

What is the best time to contact the driver? After retrieving your luggage, you can use the dialogue link provided in the driver's information email sent at 20:00 the night before. Through that link, you can inform the driver that you have retrieved your luggage and are about to go through customs.

If you need to purchase a Taiwan SIM card on-site, you can contact the driver through the link after completing the purchase. Please note that outside Taoyuan Airport, there is strict law enforcement, and drivers are not allowed to stay for more than three minutes. Therefore, most drivers wait at the airport and you need to contact them first to have them bring the car over!

Dialogue link as shown below:

How to meet the driver? Where will the driver wait for us?

► Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1

After collecting your luggage, you will arrive at the immigration hall. Please turn right.

If you have paid for the "Airport Pick-up Service," please look for your dedicated pick-up sign in this area. Once you meet the staff holding the sign, they will assist in contacting the driver and guide you to meet them.

If you have a request for the pick-up service, please contact the online text customer service on the official website or directly reply to your order confirmation email. The customer service will assist in arranging it.

Pick-up service fee: NT$200; during the nighttime period (based on flight landing time, 23:00-07:59 flights), the fee is NT$300.

If not, please continue to the right, and you will see the "North Meeting Point." The prize counter is on your left, and the SIM card counter is on your right. 

The prize counter for the " 

Taiwan Trip with Good Fortune" NT$5,000 travel voucher.

The counter for purchasing a Taiwan SIM card.

If you don't have any of the above needs, you can proceed outdoors! According to the Tripool website description, the driver will meet you at Gate 23.

►Taoyuan Airport Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is relatively smaller. After retrieving your luggage, you will arrive at the immigration hall. Please turn right and exit through the middle doorway. If you have purchased the "Airport Sign Service," please look for your pick-up sign in this area.

The lucky draw counter can be found shortly after turning right!

Further ahead, you will come across the SIM card purchase counter.

If you don't require the above services, you can exit directly from the entrance!

According to Tripool's official website, the driver will still meet you at Gate 23.

If you confirm that the flight will be delayed by more than 30 minutes, according to Tripool's airport pickup regulations, please contact Tripool customer service proactively at least 2 hours before the original scheduled time. We will try our best to arrange and reschedule.

If it does not affect the driver's next trip, the original driver will wait for you at the airport. If the flight is significantly delayed and the driver is unable to accommodate due to the next scheduled trip, we will cancel the order and provide a full refund. However, please provide proof of flight delay/cancellation to Tripool afterwards for refund application.

If you did not contact us in advance, we regret to inform you that the cost cannot be refunded. If the flight arrives earlier, the service will still be provided according to your original reservation time. We apologize for the inability to provide an earlier service. Additionally, since the driver has already been dispatched for service, if you choose to cancel the service, the cost will not be refunded.

If you request a delayed pickup due to your own reasons and have contacted the driver yourself, and the driver agrees to wait, an overtime waiting fee of NT$300 will be charged every 30 minutes starting from the 31st minute past the reservation time. If it is less than 30 minutes, it will be calculated as 30 minutes. Please pay the overtime fee in cash directly to the driver when boarding.

However, if the driver is unable to wait due to subsequent scheduling reasons and you are unable to take the ride, it will be considered as you giving up the service, and the cost will not be refunded. Therefore, if you plan to arrive at the airport and do not immediately board the vehicle, please choose your reservation time carefully when booking.

Yes! According to the Tripool official website, we provide free waiting time for passengers using our airport pickup service within 30 minutes of your "scheduled pickup time."

For example, if your flight lands at 13:20 and you choose a pickup service at 14:20, the driver will wait for free until 14:50. Please make sure to keep your communication device, either phone or internet, available and responsive during the free waiting time from the moment your flight lands.

Within 30 minutes after your designated pickup time, the driver will proactively contact you through phone or the messaging link to ensure a seamless pickup process. Of course, you can also proactively contact the driver to inform them of your progress in customs. The driver will wait for you.

If we still can't reach you after 30 minutes past your designated pickup time, we will consider it as a ride abandonment, and the driver may leave to serve the next set of passengers. No refund will be provided in such cases! Therefore, please make sure to keep your communication device available and responsive throughout the entire process after disembarking!

Did you feel that it only takes 3 minutes to book a Taoyuan Airport private hire driver service with Tripool? Whether it's making a reservation or meeting the driver, it's super easy and straightforward!

After a tiring journey, you deserve to reward yourself, and we look forward to accompanying you home or being your first transportation buddy in Taiwan.

Official website reservation link:

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