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【Recommended Car Hire】Tripool, the best in Taiwan for car rental with driver, top-rated on PTT with 5 distinctive features. Book now, start your Taiwan journey instantly!

Have you heard of traveling by hiring a private car? It's an economical and convenient way to travel. Due to many bloggers sharing their experiences on various websites, more and more people are searching for "recommended private drivers" and "recommended car rental with driver" on major communities like PTT, Dcard, and others. It's also common to see people asking about the price of private car hire, one-day private car tours, recommended sights, and other related private car hire questions in discussion forums. But this is not surprising, after all, transportation is a key factor in having a fun and enjoyable trip! While there are many modes of transportation to choose from, nothing beats the convenience of having a professional driver take you around. If you are planning your holiday, we sincerely recommend you try this relaxed and stress-free way of traveling.

You might ask, is hiring a private driver only suitable for tourism? Not at all! In fact, there are quite a few scenarios where renting a car with driver is ideal. Apart from tourist car rental, we've specifically gathered the three top recommended uses for private driver hire:

Recommended Use One for Car Hire: Airport Transfer

Travelling abroad is a joy, but dealing with large luggage can be a hassle. Choosing to rent a car with driver can help solve the issues of moving around with luggage, allowing you to reach your destination faster.

Recommended Use Two for Car Hire: Business Trips

Most business trips take you to unfamiliar places. On one hand, you're focused on work, and on the other, you're worried about arriving on time for meetings or business appointments. A hire driver service lets you continue working or resting in the car without worrying about transport issues, offering you greater assurance.

Recommended Use Three for Car Hire: Remote Transportation

If you live in remote towns and often can't find convenient direct transport, choosing to rent a car with driver can solve all possible transport problems.

As for the five main reasons PTT and Dcard users recommend Tripool for renting a car with driver, we've gathered them for you here:

Transparent Pricing

Tripool offers simple and transparent pricing for its hire driver services, letting passengers know the cost before booking, without worries of price hikes or hidden charges, enabling them to plan their trip budget in advance.

Book Anytime

Tripool offers an anytime online booking service. You just need to fill in some basic information to quickly reserve your own private car service without spending too much time or effort, making trip planning much easier.

High Quality of Service

Tripool's drivers are professional, friendly and polite. Not only are they excellent drivers, but they're also very familiar with the routes, and can offer travel suggestions, providing you with the best travel experience.

Variety of Car Types

Tripool offers various qualified sedans, SUVs, and nine-passenger vehicles, able to meet the needs of different numbers of passengers and requirements, giving consumers more choices! At the same time, they offer 'pet-friendly cars' and 'child safety seats' for you to choose (purchase).

Service Across Taiwan

Tripool's service coverage spans across Taiwan. Whether in the north, central, south, or east, they can provide private car hire services, allowing passengers in different areas to enjoy the same high-quality service.

The above are the five main features of Tripool's recommended private car hire, and also the reasons for the excellent reviews of Tripool's private car hire service. We hope this will give you a deeper understanding of Tripool, and that you choose Tripool for your car rental with driver service.

The cost of renting a car with a driver is a concern for many people. There are mainly three factors affecting the price, namely the distance traveled, the duration of use, and the number of passengers and car type.

Whether you choose a 'one-way private car' or an 'hourly ride', the cost is usually related to the distance driven - the longer the distance, the higher the cost.

In the case of an 'hourly ride', the longer you use the car, the higher the cost will be. When booking with Tripool, the fee is typically based on the number of passengers and the selected car type, and different car types will have different costs.

To help everyone better understand the cost of renting a car with a driver from Tripool, the following is an attempt to calculate airport transfer quotes (one-way private car) for your reference in table form, which should make things clearer!

Airport Charter Shuttle Price List
Airport Shuttle Price Kaohsiung Station to Taoyuan Airport Taichung Station to Taoyuan Airport  Taipei Station to Taoyuan Airport
Small Sedan
(Up to 3 passengers)
NT.5500 NT.2400 NT.950
Five-seater SUV
(Up to 4 passengers)
NT.6000 NT.2600 NT.1050
Nine-seater Van
(Up to 8 passengers)
NT.7400 NT.3100 NT.1600

Additionally, I've also compiled some questions that PTT users interested in recommendations for private driver services might want to know:

Q1. What is the difference between a private hire driver service and a private driver tour service?

Private hire driver service (private taxi): This service provides a one-way transfer from point A to point B, typically for airport or high-speed rail transfers, etc.
Private driver tour service (hourly ride): This is more of a tourism service, where customers can rent a vehicle for a specified period of time and freely plan their travel route and attractions, such as a one-day tour in Taichung. Customers can choose based on their own needs and preferences.

Q2. What car models are recommended for domestic private driver tours?

When booking a private driver service, you can choose the appropriate car model based on the number of people and the amount of luggage. The currently most popular model is the nine-seater, which offers the most space and is ideal for larger groups and more luggage. The maximum number of passengers, carry-on and check-in luggage restrictions, and the number of child safety seats available for each vehicle type can be referenced in the table below!

Maximum Passenger Capacity Carry-On Luggage Limit Suitcase Limit: 22-28 inches Restriction on Number of Child Seats Vehicle Type(Specific vehicle models cannot be specified)
3 3 up to 2 (including) 1 Small Sedan
eg:Toyota Altis
4 4 up to 3 (including) 1 Five-seater SUV
eg:Toyota wish 或 Mitsubishi Outlander
8 8 up to 6 (including) 1 Nine-seater Van
eg:Volkswagen T5 或 Ford Tourneo
•Each suitcase (22-28 inches) can be converted into 【2 carry-on bags (16-20 inches)】 or 【1 backpack within 60 liters】 or 【1 baby stroller】
•If you have more luggage, please increase the number of passengers during booking to switch to a larger vehicle.
If the actual number of passengers or luggage exceeds the reserved quantity and cannot be accommodated, you will need to handle it yourself.

Q3. What are the differences between taxi charter services and private driver company services?

Taxi charter services usually refer to charter services provided by taxis. The biggest feature of taxis is that they can be hailed on the streets, and the fee is calculated according to the mileage. However, most taxis only provide point-to-point transfer services. In contrast, the services of private driver companies are more flexible. You can make a reservation in advance and also cancel within a certain period, making your trip more flexible. The charter fee will be charged based on the actual itinerary. Moreover, there are various types of vehicles to choose from, and customized travel needs, such as foreign language guided tours, are provided. If you need a rent-a-car-with-driver service, we strongly recommend using the tripool car booking service.

Tripool uses a unique algorithm that not only significantly reduces the driver's idling rate but also feeds back the extra charges for regular or long-distance empty trips directly to passengers. This allows you not only to enjoy more preferential prices but also to have VIP-like service quality.

Compared to other intercity transportation methods, tripool can save you nearly 80% of travel time. From now on, you no longer need to own a car when you travel, just choose tripool's island-wide private hire driver service in Taiwan, and you can go wherever you want!

Are you interested? Go directly to the tripool official website now, book your rent-a-car-with-driver service, and easily enjoy a convenient and comfortable journey! Reservation link: https://www.tripool.app/en/search